SM Games

SM Games is a Game Development Studio located in Malmö, Sweden that focuses on childrens multiplayer games.

Our Games

Here is a list of all the amazing games that our Game Studio has created, feel free to check them out!

Keyon Air

Keyon Air is our #1 Game! This is what put SM Games on the map. Least to say, it’s a Roleplaying Flight Simulator where you can play as either a Pilot, Ground Crew worker or a Passenger.


Bloxxed Hotels

Bloxxed Hotels is our Hotel roleplay game where you can play as a Hotel Guest, House Keeper, Security Officer or Receptionist. This game also offer luxury rooms and a water park.


Keyon Water Park

Keyon Water Park is our Water Park game with over 20+ water slides for you and your friends to enjoy. In this game you can play as either a Visitor or a Lifeguard.


Pop It Simulator

Pop It Simulator is a game based of the popular Pop It Fidget toy trend. In Pop It Simulator, your mission is unlock all of the Pop It Fidget toys and Pets!  This is truly an amazing game.


Keyon Cruise Ship Simulator

Keyon Cruise Ship Simulator is a game where you can play as either the Captain of a Cruise Ship or as a passenger. This game is a great game to roleplay with your friends in.


Voice Chat!

Voice Chat! Is a game where you are able to test out Roblox’s new Voice Chat feature. This game offers a PVP, Obby and a Water Park Area. There is also Helicopters & Boomboxes available!


Our Team

This is our Staff Team, they make sure that SM Games provide top quality games and support.

Simon Mäkelä (@Simon_Dev)

Founder & CEO

Simon is our Founder & CEO. He founded the company back in 2017. Simon’s biggest mission here at SM Games is to come up with new game ideas and to lead the Company in the right direction.

Jordan (@DesignSimply)

Staff Director & Media Manager

Jordan is our Staff Director & Media Manager. He ensures productivity within the staff team and runs the social media accounts where he regulary posts about game updates.

Eric (@ericplane)


Eric is our programmer. He makes sure that our game programming is up to date. He also programs new features and games.

Dadsy (@Dadsy_7)

3D Modeler & Builder

Dadsy is our 3D Modeler. His mission here at SM Games is to make sure that the games are modern looking and up to date.

Contact Us

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